City Market Community Rewards

City Market is committed to helping the Central High School Bands grow and prosper through the City Market Community Rewards program.

All you have to do is enroll your City Market card online, choose the Central High School Band Parents Inc. as your designated nonprofit agency, and City Market will donate a percentage of the total spending of all of our participants to the Band.

The more supporters we have, the more donations we will get! Click here to enroll your card today! Even if you have done this in previous years you will still need to renew your enrollment.

Country Jam

THANK YOU to the CHS marching band families that worked at Country Jam! These funds go directly toward your student account. We will have an invoice for you soon to let you know what you will be credited. THANK YOU to Trish Burns for organizing this event.                                                     

March-a-thon Saturday August 25th, 2018

Students will gather donations from friends and family for marching 8 hours this day. All donations need to be collected before the march-a -thon. The majority of these funds will be credited directly to that student’s account to cover any band fees.

CHS BAND March-a-thon donation sheet 2018! 

We are excited to bring a new kind of fundraising to our program this year. Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that enables us to raise money for our band!  This is just another way for you to pay for everyday purchases sing gift cards instead of cash, checks and credit cards. WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM.

You purchase gift cards from us at face value,  we will order the gift cards every Sunday and they will be to us by Thursday of that same week. We will designate a place for you to pick up your cards and you can then use them to shop. We get an instant rebate from the company and you don’t have to pay anything extra!  We will keep the most popular cards on hand so you can get them instantly.

Great Lakes Scrip Center offers over 300 of the biggest brands, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels,  and more.  This makes it easy to get gift cards for birthdays, holidays and everyday shopping!

Contact Michelle Harmon at or (970)-434-1830 for more info.

Enrollment code: 7636BCF736148    Go to: to see all the choices!


Support the CHS band program through Amazon

When you shop on Amazon through this link, the CHS band program will receive a portion of the money spent on each purchase.  Nothing about your shopping experience will change from the normal Amazon page.  If you are an active online shopper, this is great way to be a big help.

Please click this link and shop Amazon: